Federal Criminal Defense

Dallas/Fort Worth Federal Criminal Defense

Federal prosecutors are notoriously tough. When one has you in their sights, you need a defense attorney who is equally tough to protect your rights. We provide aggressive criminal defense representation in all federal cases including the following.

Federal Criminal DefenseWhite Collar Crimes

White collar crimes, such as embezzlement, larceny, bribery, money laundering, and mail fraud, typically fall under federal jurisdiction because they involve a transfer of funds across state lines or the use of a national banking system. In these cases, there is often an extensive paper trail that makes factual defenses virtually impossible. Instead, they are decided on legal arguments over state of mind, intent, knowledge, and causation.

Drug Charges

Federal drug charges are brought in cases of large quantities of drugs or where a person is suspected of having crossed a state or international border. Federal drug convictions carry harsh mandatory minimum sentences that could stretch into decades of imprisonment. The most common defenses include legal arguments of unlawful searches and seizures that violated a person’s Fourth Amendment rights and require the exclusion of subsequently discovered evidence.

Computer Crimes

Computer crimes include a broad range of crimes from hacking to child pornography. These charges often aren’t based on any intent to do wrong but on visiting the wrong link or trying to guess a password. However, the perception of these crimes leads to incredibly harsh sentences. With the only defenses typically relying on technicalities, it’s important to begin working with a federal criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Federal Investigations

The best time to stop a federal conviction is before charges are even filed. Federal prosecutors have a nearly perfect conviction rate and rarely offer plea deals that don’t include pleading guilty to the highest crime charged. Unlike state criminal charges, federal criminal charges typically follow a lengthy investigation, and you will often become aware of the investigation long before charges are filed. If you know you are under investigation, or suspect that you may be, immediately contact a federal criminal defense attorney.

United States Sentencing Guidelines

After a conviction at trial or following a plea bargain, judges issue a sentence in accordance with the United States Sentencing Guidelines. These guidelines are typically rigid and call for a fixed sentence based on factors like the amount of illegal narcotics possessed or the value of stolen property. Departures or reductions may be possible for assisting the Government, showing remorse, or when the guideline sentence would otherwise be unjust, but these departures are rarely won without extensive legal groundwork.

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Haffar Law provides experienced federal criminal defense in the Northern District of Texas which includes Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding communities. As a former Assistant United States Attorney, I have unique insight into how the local U.S. Attorney’s Office handles cases and how pleas are negotiated. I have also practiced in front of every active judge in the district over the last eight years. Contact my office now to schedule a consultation and begin your defense.